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Abid ibn Sharya al-Jurhumi :

Akhbar al Yaman

(News from Yemen)(d686)  

Taken from: The history, poetry, and genealogy of the Yemen: the Akhbar of Abid b ... By Elise W. Crosby


This is the earliest known history of pre-Islamic Yemen, attributed to the South Arabian historian 'Abid b. Sharya al-Jurhumi, a court historian to the caliph Mu'awiya (d. 680 A.D.). The book recounts in prose and poetry six saga cycles of ancient personages and events of the Yemen.


Mentions the Berbers and the Zanj on pp: 321.19,  322.20, 476.19


Taken from: كتاب التيجان في ملوك حمير - أخبار عبيد بن شرية الجرهمي في

Ask the Turk, the Saqaliba and the Zenj - - and the people of al-Qarayd how can you answer me?
The offspring in the land of stone - - Thou brings an order unto all the servants
The black offspring of Al Ham - - Then the children of Japhath and the rest of us

And Dailam and Turk will answer us ... and all of them will be ravenous
And Berber and Zanj and the Believers ... all of them are in our hearts
And India, Sindh and Kurasan ... and the people of the East and the people of the West