Left details from paintings out of a different work of Albumaser; a Zodiac. The paintings were made by Naqqash al Shirazi in the XV century

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Abu Mashar al-Balkhi, Jafar Ibn Muhammad (d885) Kitab al-mudkhal al-kabir ila 'ilm ahkam an-nujjum (The Greater Introduction to Astrology) from Balhi

Taken from : Actes; XII congres inernational vol 1A D’histoire des sciences Paris 1968
Richard Lemay, Fautes et contresens dans les traductionsarabo-latines médiévales : l’Introductorium in Astronomiam d’Abou Ma’shar de Balkh
Also called: Albumazar; Abu-Mashar; Abu Maschar,

I did not find a translation of the MSS only quotes from his work. He writes down what he heard from sailors:
The people on the coast of Berbera are a kind of Zanj.
He mentions that in the land of the Zanj they see what later was to become known as the Magellan cloud.
He mentions the two countries in east Africa being Zanj and Zabay which however have to be reached following a different course; For Zanj the Arab navigators go immediately by the Oman sea and the eastern shore of the Indian Ocean. He also uses for the big island of Zabay other words like al-Qimar and al-Chymer. Al-Qimar, situated behind India and populated by a kind of Zanj.
The people of the East African coast: And there is nobody who has reached their land, and those people are not recorded, and we do not know anybody who reached the continent who can describe us the people and the natives


Abu Mashar al-Balkhi, Jafar Ibn Muhammad (d885) Muhtasar al Mudhal                           (Abbreviation of the Introduction)

Taken from: The Abbreviation of ‘The Introduction to Astrology’: together with the medieval Latin translation of Adlard of Bath, ed. and trns. Charles Burnett.

Capricorn is the house of Saturn, and the exaltations of Mars is in its 28th degree….. To it are the following countries; Ethiopia and the Indus, Makran, Sind, Oman, and Bahrain as far as Sind and Hind.


Abu Mashar al-Balkhi, Jafar Ibn Muhammad; Kitab al-milal wa-al-duwal

(The book of religions and dynasties) 

Taken from: On Historical Astrology: The Arabic original - Kitab al-milal wa-al-duwal (The book of religions and dynasties)


If [a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter] happens in Capricorn, it indicates wars occurring between Ethiopia, Zanj, India, the Berbers, and the people of those regions. If the Sun and Mercury aspect them, this indicates illnesses destructive to kings, and that tumours, cutting, and burning (of the skin) come to them because of them together with frequent winds lightning mists fire the lack of planets, and plenty of thieves. 


Libra: the countries belonging to it are the lands of Bukhara, Tuharistan, the Comoro Islands, the land of the Turks, Amsr, the part of the land of Ethiopia which is called Wasifin, the land of Sigistan, and the land of Kirman.


If Venus conjoins with it, this indicates the corruption of the conditions of women, intense lewdness among men, plenty of children, false rumours among the people, and anxieties, and that the year is oppressive for the people of the coasts (Sawahil) and Egypt and that emigration increases among them, together with cheapness of jewellery made of water, like pearls and the like, poverty coming to the common people, and calamities.

(According to the translator of the book; this perhaps refers to the inhabitants of the coast of East Africa, who became known as the Swahili, from the Arabic term for coasts.)