Plan of the centre of Makkah


Al Fakihi; Tarikh Makkah
(History of Makka) (883AD)



 Taken from: Concepts and Ideas at the Dawn of Islam‎ by M. J. Kister

                        Die Chroniken der Stadt Mekka, edited by Ferdinand Wustenfeld


The mountain group Thabir Plur Athbira consists of six parts:

1 Thabir Geina…..

2 The Thabir el Zang (jabal al-zanj) is so called because the black slaves of Mecca when fetching wood there play game
here it is a part of the

3 Thabir el Nachilund……..


In the place where we nowadays have the dar al- abbas there used to be in the old days the market where slaves were sold.