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Bundahishn; (Creation of the Origins) (additions till 9th century)
a compilation, no author known. From Iran, Zoratostrian religion.

Taken from: Dan Shapira; Zoroastrian Sources on Black People in Arabica nr 49
                   Friedrich Max Miller; The Sacred Books of the East. Volume 5. Pahlavi Texts. Part 1

Also called: Bundehesh , Bundahis

The (text) says, too Yim, when his royal glory departed from him, took a female dew to wife, and gave his sister Yamig to a dew to wife. Because of his fear of the dews, the apes, the bears, the forest-inhabitants, the tailed ones, and other noxious sorts arose from them; and his lineage did not progress there from.

Regarding the black people, the (text) says: During his sovereignty Azi Dahak let loose a dew on a young girl and let loose a young man on a parig and they had sex with the visible image of the male; through this new way of the action the Black people appeared.

When Fredon (mythical hero) came, they (the black people) fled from the lands of Iran and settled on the coast of the sea. Now, through the invasion of the Arabs, they (the Zing-i-Siak posht (i.e. the black skinned negroes)) are again diffused through the country of Iran.
Note: in these last sentences allusion is made of black people formerly living in Iran (like the Dravidians in India) as well as to the black slaves brought by the Arabs into southern Iraq who would soon revolt.

In a different part of the book:
Again because of the Adversary (devil), the mixture occurred, such as Zangig (Blackman), who are those of water and of earth, and gilabig (or saglabig=slaves), who live in both water and earth.

In a list of all animals;
Fourth, fifteen species of ox, the white, mud-colored, red, yellow, black, and dappled, the elk, the buffalo, the camel-leopard-ox (giraffe), the fish-chewing ox, the Fars ox, the Kagau and other species of ox.