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Early Persian-Shiite prayer
(title, author unknown)(found in Madagascar) (after 818)
Taken from: Gabriel Ferrand: les Migrations Musulmanes et Juives a Madagascar in L’Histoire des Religions 1905

The prayer is written in very defective Persian, every line has at least one mistake. Only the last part is given.

…in the consideration of (on account of) Abu Bakr as-Siddik, Omar ibn al-Khattab, Othman ibn Affan, Ali al-Mortada, Sa’d ibn Abi Uakkas, Sa’id ibn Zaid, Talha, Zubair, Abd ar-Rahman (ibn Auf), Abu Obaida (ibn al-Djarrah), Hasan, Hosain, de Zain al-‘Abidin, de ‘Ali akbar, Dja’far as-Sadik, Musa (Kazim), de (l’iman) ar-Kida, Mohammad Bakir. In the consideration of our lord Jean (?); that God be satisfied with all of them.

The first ten names are the asara mubassara the ones that were formally promised paradise by the Prophet. The ones that follow are all shiite imans; the oldest ones) the last one succeeded as iman in 818 AD (Ali ar-Kida) Gabriel Ferrand concluded from this text that the people who immigrated to Madagascar and wrote this text (because of the very defective language it must have been their descendants who wrote it) must have been orthodox shiites. Who arrived in Madagascar some time after 818 AD.

This drawing from Mallet in 1683 shows the two main ethnic groups in Madagascar; the Africans and the Indonesians. The Arab element in society from which this text comes is very small