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Imru’u-l-Qays: Diwan of Imru’u-l-Qays (6th century)

Taken from: The Diwan of Imru Al Qais Ibn Hujr Ibn Kinda Ibn Qahtan:

Diwan Al Khirniq Bint Badr Ibn Hiffan. Akhbar of Sulaik by Imru’ al-Qays William Penn College

Also called Amr’olkais (Emro-l-Cais) (Imri’u-l-Qays)


On a path not guided by its landmarks

When the strong camel sniffs grumbling 

On each short tail horse trained to night

Trips for mail, strong Barbary horses

Lean as swift gada wolves that you see

With the sweat dripping from the sides


The Berbera here talked about are according to Ibn Kaldun the people who possess Mogadishu.