Sabur ibn Sahl: al Aqrabadin as-sagir:

(The small Dispensatory) (d869) Nestorian from Gondesapur-Kurastan


Taken from: The Small Dispensatory By Sabur Ibn Sahl


The preparation of the smaller qaftaragan (=made with hyena)

Take balm seeds two dirham, saffron ten dirham; musk two daniq; white hellebore four dirham; opium fifteen dirham; baby's breath two dirham; black pepper ten dirham; raw silk one dirham; henbane seeds ten dirham; spurge seven dirham; grape ivy and the peels of mandrake roots two dirham of each; usnea, cassia, ammoniacum, olibanum, liquorice root; balm twigs, the pulp of colocynth, ginger, sagapenum, opopanax, cinnamom, castoreum, red bryony, white bryony which is fasarastin and Indian garden cress two dirham of each; harmala seeds, Indian laurel, clove, rhinoceros fat, and elephant's gall four dirham of each;………….


Note: the uses of this medicine are not mentioned but the greater qaftaragan was used for: which is useful against premature delivery and the burning pains caused by all (kinds of) women's diseases.