Salim Abu al ala: Risalat Aristatalis ila l’ Iskandar (About Aristotle and Alexander) (743)


Taken from: Les "Rasaa’il Aristatalisa ‘ila-l-Iskandar" de Salim Abu-l-‘Ala’ et l’activiteé culturelle a l'époque omayyade by Mario Grignaschi



Left Cannibals


About the Zanj

It is necessary to speak first of all about the Zanj who are known because of their habit to eat the flesh of strangers,

with the goal to teach you how to defend you against them. Because they do not live according to healthy principles

and oppress the people. Be informed that the Zanj attack with courage. Employ against them strategies and poison.

Destroy their multitudes. For this kind of people, death is a resting place, and it is liberation for the world. Ask for

support against them from their neighbors, because they know their tactics. Provide food and drink filled with poison

to destroy the Habash and the Zanj. Multiply the acts of piety so that God, Great and Powerful, multiplies towards you

his good deeds and his help. Correct and control their nobles, because the authority of the kings on the people only

becomes less when their faith in the nobles gets less.




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