Picture from an old Halakhot Gedolot in the Cairo Genezah

Simeon Kayyara: Halakhot Gedolot (825) Basra


Taken from: It Is Permitted to Marry a Kushite; David M. Goldenberg


The seven nations, who concluded peace [with Israel] before [Joshua’s] conquest of the Land, are permitted to enter the community of Israel. The biblical prohibition of the seven nations applies only to those who were in Israel [at the time of the conquest], but those who were outside the Land were not prohibited by the Bible. And these Zanj if they convert, they are permitted to enter the community. There are some rabbis who disagree in regard to the Zanj and the seven nations, [holding the opinion] that they may not enter the community, and that even if they convert, they are in the category of: You shall not marry them.