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Tombstone on the isle of Dahlak (Eritrea) (900)

Taken from: Steles funeraires musulmanes des iles Dahlak by Madeleine Schneider

These two stones are from the same tomb from around 900 AD 
In the name of God, the clement, the merciful.
The Apostle did believe in what has descended towards him, from his Lord, and the believers have all believed in God, and his angels, in His Scriptures and His Apostles. They have said: We do not distinguish between his Apostles. We have heart and we have obeyed.  Pardon Lord. Towards you is the “to become”. God imposes at every soul only its capacity: at every soul, that it will be acquitted. Lord, do not reproach us when we forget or mistake. Lord, do not charge us with something overwhelming, resembling those that You charged those who where before us. Lord, do not charge us more then we are able to bear. Clean us. Forgive us. Be merciful to us. Help us against the Infidels.
This is the tomb of Umm al-Zangi Muhammad b. Ali b. al-Husayn b. Ali al Saffar-
That God gives mercy

In the name of God, the clement, the merciful;
You have in the Apostle of God, a good example for whoever hopes for God and the last day and invokes God frequently. When the believers saw the factions they screamed: This is what Gag and his Apostle threatened us with. God and his Apostle have been right. This had made there faith grow as well as there submissiveness. Among the believers, there are these people who keep to the pact they made with God. Among them there are those who are waiting, unchangeable in their nature.
This is the tomb of Umm al-Zangi Muhammed b. Ali b. al-Husayn b. Ali al-Saffar
-that God gives mercy