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Left: a 19th century map of the world from India
(as illustration only)



Uddyotana Suri: Kuvalayamala:

(Bleu Water-lillies) (d 778) India


Taken from: Kuvalayamala: Praqkrtabhashanibandha campusvarupa mahakatha by

Uddyotana Suri





In the city of Surparaka during a meeting of merchants:

Another said: I went with pearls to the eastern country (probably Assam) and brought fly-whisks.

Another said: I went to Dvaravati and brought conchshells from there.

Another said: I went to the coast of Barabaricum taking fabrics with me and brought superior pearls and ivory (of African origin).

Another said: I went to Suvarna-dvipa (Sumatra) taking flowers of the Palasa tree. …..