Modern day East African sandals

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Abu I-Tayyib Muhammad al-Washsha (d936); (Baghdad)
Kitab al-zarf wa’l-zurafa; On elegance and Elegant People


Taken from: Arab Dress: A Short History, from the Dawn of Islam to Modern Times By Yedida Kalfon Stillman,
Also called: Kitab al-muwashsha

The scents worn by a bon vivant included powdered musk, rose water solution, ambergris tinctured aloeswood soaked in fermented clove water, royal nadd (aloeswood + musk + ambergris) and abir.
Shoes and sandals could be of any number of leathers, colors, and designs. Elegant footwear included East African sandals (al-nial al-zanjiyya), fine sandals, light checkered shoes, Hashimi boots ….

Serjeant: zanjiyya for zijiyya (Islamic textiles p214, n.16)