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Al-Azhari :Tahdhib al-Lugha (Language Discipline) (d981)


Taken from: كتاب تهذيب اللغة by الأزهري    al-maktaba.org


Vol4 p214

Abu al-Abbas from Ibn al-'Arabi: A man's problem is if he oppresses a person in his dealings or religion. He said: And the Zinj: are the reward for good and evil.


Vol5 p66

Al-Asma'i said: Among the Zanjis, their salt, its fat, and the blubber of the Zanjis are in their thighs. Shammar said: The fat is called salt.


Vol5 p207

Ibn al-'Arabi said: With a man, if he dances he dances like the Zinj


Vol10 p328

Zanj: (Al-Harani from Ibn al- Sakita) said: Zinj, and Zanaj, they are a race of Sudan, and when calling: O Zang  Zanji.

Also: (Thealabi from ibn al'Araby) said: Zinj: intense dehydratation


Vol12 p81

It is said of the Zanji: their health is in their buttocks and thighs