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Al-Kulayni (d939) Usool al-Kafi
(basics of what suffices)
from Iran, worked in Baghdad

 Taken from:

A holy book of the Ithna Ashari. Usool al-Kafi is a collection of narrations attributed to the Shiite Imans, Ahlul Bayt and the Prophet.

Chapter: Whom Are Disliked for Marriage


(Narrated by) Ali bin Ibrahim, from Haroon bin Muslim, from Mas’adah bin Ziyad, from Abu Abdullah [as] said: Amirul-Mu’mineen Ali [as] said: Beware of marrying the Negroes (Zunj) for they are an ugly creation.


 (Narrated by) Ali bin Ibrahim, from Ismael bin Muhammad al-Makki, from Ali bin al-Husain, from Amr bin Othman, from al-Husain bin Khalid, from whom he mentioned from Abu Ar-Rabi’ al-Shami said: Imam Abu Abdullah [as] said: Do not [even] buy anyone who is a Negro , but if you must, then (buy) the Nubians, …


(Narrated by) Several of our fellows from Sahl bin Ziyad, from Musa bin Ja’far, from Amr bin Sa’eed, from Muhammad bin Abdillah al-Hashimi, from Ahmad bin Yousuf, from Ali bin Dawood al-Haddaad said: Imam Abu Abdullah [as] said: Marry not from the Negroes (Zanj) nor the Khazar, for they have near relatives whom are unfaithful

Note: this text does not learn us anything about E-Africa, but by writing down everything found about the Zanj, we may finally get a clearer view on the relationship Africa-Persia