Eutychius of Alexandria: Nazm al-gauhar
(the Thread of the Beads) (d. 940 A.D.)

Taken from:  J. Selden, Contextio Gemmarum, 2 vols. Oxford 1858/9

Also called: Sa’id ibn Batriq

Part1 p43

Then Ham takes all music instruments and games and for that raison to he got cursed. He becomes the slave of his brothers, he and his posterity, who are the Copts, the Sudan, the Habacha, and as they say also the Barbar.

Part1 p54

... Descendants of Kana’an are: The Canaanites, the Philistines, the inhabitants of Misr: i.e. the Qibt, the Maris, the various races of Blacks (as-Sudan), the Habasha, the Nuba, the Beja, the Zanj, the Zutt, the Qarran, the Samaritans, (as-Samirah), the Zabayy, the Maghribis and the Barbar. They possess twenty-six islands, among which Sardinia, Malta, Crete and a part of Cyprus are found. They have six alphabets;
Egyptian, Nubian, Ethiopian, Faranj [sic! for friji], Punic and Kankali (Colchian?).