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Abu Mansur Muwaffak ibn Ali al-Harawi:

Kitab al Abniya an Haq'iq al Adwiya

(The foundations of the true properties of Remedies) (d976?)


Taken from: Historische Studien aus dem Pharmakologischen

 Institute der Kaiserlichen Universität Dorpat, Volume 3



Left an edition of the book

26. Aflanja. (=epithymum Zanji). It is a weak plant, the stems are thinner than those of the Asarum. The seed is like that of the wild Cuscuta Epithymum and fragrant, and is brought from Zanzibar. It strengthens hot and dry in the second degree, is commonly used as a toilet used by women, as well as with Ban, Glans unguentaria (according to Sprengel Hyperanthera Moringa) mixed.


48. Abanus. (= ebony). If you put it on smoldering ashes, it spreads a pleasant smell.

His character is hot, contractional and strong cleansing. If you drag it with water on a stone and into the eye drips, it removes moisture and leukemias from the eye. It is also great for burns and old ulcers use. If you use ebony as a whetstone and red on it or green Schijf (Compound Bacilli) grinds, this is the eye treatment of great benefit. It reduces the stones in the kidneys and the bladder. It eliminates the itching in the eye, if you moisten the powder, with water, on a frying-pan burn it, then wash it off and use this water. It is hot and dry in the first degree.