As illustation only some African servants-slaves in the Muslim world


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Ibn Durayd (837-933) Jam Harat al Lughah
from Basra lived in Baghdad.

Taken from: Alwaraq



O Lord Khod of the daughters of Zinj - Withstand severe glare enlightened

(meaning: they are very pretty)


The Zanj are a well-known people; as for the pronunciation Zinj, it is incorrect.


Al anbuly: which means al-Zinjy (a negro)


Alddakr; The game plays out as toys Zinj and Habash.


The giraffe, with the addition of letter Zai:

I do not know if it is true Arabic or not,

I think it is more Arab because the people of Yemen know it from the point of view of Habasha.

Abu Malik said:   Giraffes: they take the water  (they need) out of the plants.

He sang: From the east and their Zarafa.


Ivory (Aj) and Aja, if precious and nice, Anaaj Anaja. Ivory known of the bones (means tusks). And ivory bracelets named so because there are women they make them of ivory.