Ming herbal (painting) of a Sappan tree.

Ibn Juljul: Maqala fi dhikr al-adwiya al-mufrada lam yadhkurha

Diyusquridus (Treatise on Simple (Medicines) not mentioned

by Dioscorides) (d994) Andalusia

Taken from: Arabian Drugs in Medieval Mediterranean Medicine By Zohar Amar
Also called: Ibn Gulgul

Sappan wood (Brazil wood) is the wood of a large tree. It grows in India, and in the country of the Zanj.

Taken from: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1991. – (ed.) Die Ergänzung Ibn Gulgul's zur Materia Medica des Dioskorides.

Sappan (Baqqam)
An Indian tree whose root, trunk and branches are red and which has green leaves like those of the almond. So says Abu Hanifa. I know of no use for him in medicine, but it is said that if a certain quantity of it is drunk when pulverized, it is deadly.