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Maps short version Ibn Hawqal
The only special in the text of this short version of Ibn hawqal is a scribal note:

(scribal notes in this book-also added in the official translation of Ibn hawqal’s work.)

The author of the book states that nobody knows the sources of the Nile and that it comes out of the desserts situated

behind the lands of the Zandj. I saw however in the book Djographia that the Nile starts in two circular lakes, towards

which five rivers each flow that come from the Djabal al Qamar. From each of these two lakes four rivers leave towards

a circular lake situated in the first clime, of which the diameter is two degrees and of which the centre is at 58 deg. Long.

and two deg lat. in the first clime  Then from that lake leaves a river that is the Nile of Misr……


But the maps added are different.

The one up: From Ashkal al Ard (Shapes of the Earth) Topkapi Saray Museum