Mimra al Sabha Klime (980) the beginning of the text written as a poem.

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Annon: Mimra al Sabha Klime

(About the Seven Climes)Syriac text (980)


Taken from: Contributions to the History of Geography by Richard Gottheil.

The first iklim commences at the extreme south, where light is plentiful and heat is great; where the sun is strong and in its heat bums the earth. On account of its great heat, men [there] are different in character. Their appearance is untoward at their birth. They are black and dark with the color of blackness. They are men who are naked, and live like wild beasts. Outer India is placed in this iklim. It includes a large tract in which wild animals are found. They are men who have to do with the secrets of magic. The number of their days is long drawn out, and they live for many years. There are also beasts and birds which grow very great in their bodies. There are also there serpents, and great insects without number. The men of that place and iklim busy themselves with incantations. There are also roots there which have natural powers. There are stones good and full of power and healing. In their nature God placed healing for mankind. The stone is called HAON, when it is used intelligently it is medicine for one afflicted with dropsy. Its length is 606,000 miles according to measurement. Its breadth is 1155 miles. This is the first iklim and these are its measurements.

In the second iklim the Kushites live, among whom there are also many who are black. They do not make use of incantations and roots as do the Indians. They are near their neighbors. They know the secrets of wonderful things, and the hidden powers of roots. There are also in this place stones and pearls of every color. For this iklim is near to that land which possesses (?????). It is south west of Egypt the strong. Its breadth and its length, also its measurement, are like [those of] the first iklim.