The sources of the Nile from a ms of Idrissi.

Moses Bar Kepha: Hexaemeron (Six-Day Creation) (d903) Syrian bishop


Taken from:  Baumstark-Reichert; LThK 7, 654 Stuiber


Book 5
Ch. 5: About the well-known seas and which they are.

[One of the gulfs of the Red Sea] is the gulf known as the Arabian: ... it flows from the country of the Kushaye to the desert of Faran ...its length is 1400 miles, its width 200 miles.

Ch.12: On the lakes that nourish the Nile and the other lakes that nourish other rivers.

There are two lakes which feed the river Nilos, and also another lake, called Qolon, which feeds the River Astafinos, which flows into the Nilos.There is still another lake called Mariyoti; it is close to Alexandria and is connected to the Yourden.