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Muhammad Bal'ami: Tarjami i Tarikh Tabari

(Translation of Tabari's History) (10th cent) from Persia

Taken from : bc.edu/

Ham is identified as the father of the Blacks, Ethiopians, Zanj, Hindus, unbelievers, as well as
kings and tyrants. From Japhet came Turks, Slavs Gog and Magog and various others.
In one of the versions of the manuscript there is no curse of Ham at all, in the other both Ham
and Japhet are cursed.
Note: many authors have through the centuries written about the curse of Ham, only few are repeated here. The ones that have something special.

Taken from: Angelo M. Piemontese; Codice Marciano delle Tarix-i-Tabari ; Annali, Volume 37


(Si kuh si rud panjah sahr) 30 mountains, 30 rivers, 50 cities. Regions: Zangistan. Hind and Sind, Zafar, Hadramawt, Safa. Adan, Qinnawj. Multan. Mara. Niyala siyah. Qulzum, Habasa. Mansura. Bahr az Nil. Misr. Barbar. Kalif. Ard latitude 132 tul longitude 8255 farsang.


Taken from: http://download.ghbook.ir/downloads/pdf/12000/8549-fa-tarekh-nameh-tabari-j2.pdf

This is because the ruler Alexander  he was tracking the Zanj and he fought the army of the King of Zanzibar and he used to defeat them and push through Zanzibar and then came back to Greece, and brought the tribute ………..