Southern part of Africa (see elephants and Mecca across the water) from a late copy (18th century) of an unidentified map originating in medieval Persia or Muslim India.


Qusta ibn Luqa:
Sefer ha-ma'aseh be- kaddur ha-galgal;
(on the Use of the Celestial Globe) (d912)
Greek Melkite physician from Baalbek.
Taken from: Isis 1944-1945 W.H. Worrell; Qusta ibn Luqa on the Use of the Celestial Globe

And as for the region south of the line of the equator, the inhabited part of it is little indeed; and those who inhabit it are Abyssinians and Zanj among the islands in the sea -  but God knows best; as for the northern regions….

Qusta Ibn Luqa (820-912) The Risala fi tadbir safar al-hajj.
(Medical regime for the Pilgrims to Mecca)

Taken from the translation by Gerrit Bos

The lids of small vessels, such as glass bottles, jugs and other small vessels containing liquids (and the like) should be made of wax
in which grindings of ivory, galbanum and black caraway have been mixed. For hardly any vermin gets near to these substances.