Rubbing  of the backside of the second copperplate which is the one concerned (Kawi inscription).

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Sri Mpu Sindok: Inscription of Waharu IV (931)

Taken from: Old Javanese-English Dictionary by Petrus Josephus Zoetmulder, Stuart O. Robson - 1982

A prime minister in central Java: Mpu Sindok took power; moved his capital to eastern java, and is known as the first king of eastern Java, he ruled for nearly twenty years (AD 929-49). He was succeeded by his daughter who reigned as queen.

Six copper plates
Canka Year 853;

In this inscription is said that the Village residents of Waharu had blessed the king, because the villagers under the leadership of Buyut Waharu Manggali were always devoted to the king, helped the king who tried to win the war, by deploying weapons, by following the armies of the king with no memory of day or night, carrying banners and screeming, then the king is about to destroy his enemies who are seen as the embodiment of darkness. Among the things the king grants them is the right to own slaves.
In this inscription are mentioned: caturwarna (the four castes) as this is a very early date for Hinduism in Java it became one of the reasons to decide that this was not an original inscription but a later copy. 
(On the back site of plate two line seven)
wenan ahuluna(to own as slaves) pujut(negrito-slaves) bondan(slave from Papua? origin) jengi(black slave)

Note: This is the Charter of Waharu IV of which the original is of 12 August 931 AD but we only have a copy dating from some centuries later.

See note on Inscriptions in Java