A negroid Kunlun figure from China


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Wang Pu (961) Tang Hui Yao: 唐會要
(Handbook for Tang Dynasty Institutions.)

Taken from: Kanripo 漢籍リポジトリ: KR2m0002 唐會要--王溥


Yuan 7

麟徳二年 In the second year of lin-de (665AD)….

The envoys of Bosi Tianzhu country and Bin-wu-chang of Kunlun-wo country and Xinluo-bai and Gaoli-deng of the tribute paying….had an account on the use of horses and pack-animals…..

Yuan 98

貞觀二年 In the second year of Zhenguan (628AD)


The Kunlun people also came to China and make the trip to the Jiaozhi Sea (south west part of Chinese Sea)…they brought the tribute.

Yuan 99

貞觀十年 In the tenth year of Zhenguan (637AD)


In the southern part of the Kunlun people brought tribute to Taizong (Tang emperor) from the Western Region, it is up to the end of the year to see …..

They were honoured by Taizong for coming to China…

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Taken from: Edward H. Schafer: The Golden Peaches of Samerkand, a study of Tang Exotics.
In the year 813 (the Javanese nation of Kalinga) came to the court of Hsien Tung presenting four Sanchi slaves, parrots of different colors, pinka-birds and other things. The emperor honored the envoy with the title of left defender of the office of the four inner gates.....

In 818 they brought two Zangi girls.

See Note on Zangi Slave