East Africa's contacts with the Classical World
By Pieter Derideaux
No Books have appeared on this subject for many years.  To fill this void I try making these texts available to everybody.
When using these texts; (in e.g. articles or on a website) please mention my name; I worked years on collecting - translating them.
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I added several pictures of Zebra from Byzantine Middle east to show the difference with Medieval times when they were totally absent.

Black man and zebra in Byzantine floor mosaic in Urfa Edessa 5-6 century

Bet She'an National Park Israel a zebra in the mosaic that paved the Western portico of the Byzantine Agora.

Gaza synagoge 6th Byzantine.

Mount Nebo Madaba governorate Jordan Byzantine mosaic in the old diaconicon baptistery of the basilica man with zebra.

Zebra in Delphi church 5-6th century


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