The pictures are taken from a different Maqtal al-Hussein; from: Lâmiî Çelebi'nin Kitâb-ı Maktel-i Âl-i Resûl'ü (in Turkish) (1532). The text that goes with them is: Deveci tells the events that he witnessed in Karbala.


Abu Mikhnaf: Maqtal al-Hussein

(Martyrdom of al-Husain) (680)

Taken from :Azania
Full name: Lut Yahya alAzdi abu Mikhnaf

The book got lost, fragments are found in Al-Tabari's History
The word Zanj is first mentioned in a poem of Ali, the son of Hussein, who was the grandson of the prophet. Abu Makhnaf quoted Sahl, an eyewitness who stated:
When the captives were brought to Damascus; I saw the markets closed (to celebrate the victory)...the captives entered from the gate of Khezran...and Ali bin Hussein was saying: I am being led in Damascus without honor as though I am a ZANJ who has lost his helper; I wish that neither I would have seen Damascus, nor Yazid would have seen me going from one place to another. 

Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was martyred by the army of Yazid and his family led away in captivity. Note that the man uttering the words above, the great grandson of the Prophet (pbuh) was Ali Zayn al-Abidin ibn Hussein (657-694). He survived his captivity in Damascus and returned to Medina.