Dancing men a drawing from Dapper 1686

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Ahmad ibn Abi’l-Hawari (9th century) Syria
Jami (Book of Law)
He was a Sufi saint.

Taken from : Michael A Cook ; Commanding right and forbidding wrong in Islamic thought

When talking about wrongs that concern Ibadi jurists. :
Gathering to make music, men and women, various instruments are considered as well as singing , special attention is given to African and Indian music. (la’b al Zanj wa’l Hind)

Note; the same ruling is found in Jami of Rashid al Din Fadl Allah (1247-1318)
                                               Bayan of Mohammad bin Ibrahim al Kindi (d1114) 
                                               Musannaf of Abu Bahr al Kindi (d1161)