As illustration only, some african people in the lands of islam.

al-Sahib ibn Abbad: Al Tadhkira fi ‘l-Usul al-Khamsa;

(To Remember the five Principals) (d995) (Iran; Wazir from the Buyids)


Taken from : Charles Lindholm : The middle east: Tradition and Change.

His full name is Ismail ibn Abbad ibn al­Abbas al­Taleqani (Abul­Qasim), or Sahib al-Talqani, Abu al-Qasim Ismail ibn Abbad
better known as al­Sahib ibn Abbad / Diwan al-sahib ibn `Abbad


Since God created tallness and shortness and the blackness of the Zanj and the whiteness of the Greek, it is not right that
men should be blamed or punished for these qualities, since God neither enjoyed nor forbade them.

Sahib Ibn Abbad: al-Muhit fi al-lughah (Ocean in the language) (995)


Taken from:


Dgaop: race of the Sudan behind Zinj


Alkharzinjy: A Tale of Al Jahiz in which: Zinj of two kinds, one called lkfw and the other lytw


Zeng: Zinj and Zinj: blacks, and perhaps say: Znag (when calling someone). And Almzenjh: group of Zinj. The tender Mzenj: little.

And Almzenj: small zenj.