Portrait of Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq embracing his student.

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 Ja’far al Sadiq; Tauhid al Mufaddal:

(Prefered Unity) (d765)


 Taken from: TAUHID MUFADDAL  Traducido del árabe al castellano por:El sheij Huyyatul Islam Muhammad Muallemi Zadeh


Reflect now on the creation of the giraffe and its various parts, which resemble those of other species. Thus his head is like that of the horse, his neck like that of the camel, his hooves like those of the cow, and his skin like the skin of the tiger. Some people ignorant of how God, Mighty and Majestic creates things, conjecture that this animal is the product of the crossing of several males of different species with a particular female, arguing that this occurs when different animals meet In one source to drink water. Whoever says this is ignorant, and his knowledge of the Creator is scarce. Because no animal species can fertilize a different species. For example, the horse does not fertilize the camel, nor the camel to the cow. If two species are similar, being very close in creation, they can cross. For example, the donkey and the horse, giving rise to the mule; Or the wolf and the hyena. On the other hand, what is born of the cross is not like the giraffe, which has a part like the horse, another like the camel, another like the cow, etc., but it is somewhat intermediate between the two. Thus you see the mule, his head, ears, rump, hooves and even his voice is intermediate between the donkey and the horse. This shows that the giraffe is not born of different species as the ignorant conjectured, but that it is one of the wonderful creatures of God's creation that points out His Power, which cannot weaken anything. This is so that they know that He is the creator of all species of animals, that can unite the members he wants and separate those he wants; Which increases in creation what He want and reduces what He want. All this indicates that He is Omnipotent, that nothing and nobody can preclude him from doing anything. As for the benefit of her long neck (of the giraffe), it is because she feeds on the tall trees that exist in the jungle, needing it (to the long neck) to take advantage of the leaves and the fruits of these trees.