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Sirat Delhemma (Story of Lady Delhemma)
(about 900 and later additions) Egypt

Taken from: Byzanthion revue internationale des études byzantines By Société belge d'études byzantines, 1935

Delhemma means officially Dhat al Himma meaning the women with the great hart. She is the hero in this story.

During an important battle between the Caliph of Baghdad and the Emperor of Constantinople a black called Ghilan from the army of Delhemma joins with his whole army the emperor, they win and Ghilan becomes in-charge of the Byzantine army because the emperor is wounded.
Later on totally unexpected Abd el Wahhab and Battal -who were thought to be dead-   arrive with their army of Zendj, after having traversed the whole of Iraq. The Byzantines are defeated