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Al-Battani: Kitab al-Zij al-Sabi (929)

Taken from M. Tolmacheva: Ptolemaic influence on Medieval Arab Geography

He relied on Ptolemy for his geography; but the only place on the east-African coast mentioned is Al Tib.
The coordinates of Al Tib (Aromata of Ptolemy) are 82 deg and 4deg 30min North.


Taken from:  The Indian Ocean in Arab Geography Marina Tolmacheva


They had measured the Sea of India and say that its length, counting from the west to the east, from the limits of Ethiopia (al-Habash) to the borders of India (al-Hind) is 8 000 miles, while the width is 2 700 miles. It extends 1 900 miles south of the island of the Equinox. Near the land of Ethiopia the sea forms a gulf in the direction of the Barbara, called al-Khalij al-Barbari (that is, Sinus Barbaricus); its length is five hundred miles and the width of its seabed is one hundred miles…