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Ibn Abd Rabbih: Al-‘Iqd al-Farid (The Unique Necklace) (d940) Andalusia


 Taken from: Alwaraq




 Woe! Is it the lowest Zanj with skunk armpits, light a fire of wet Moundl and only burn fragrance.


 Abu Ubaida said: Farazdaq made a Zanj women pregnant, and she bore him a daughter Vsmaha Makiya, he was nicknamed after her, and he said: I am Abu Makiya. …………. Farazdaq said of the Zanj women:  Lord; the movement of the daughters of Zinj glares very enlightened.


 Said the wise: Hermaphrodite is going on among Bedouins, Kurds, Zinj and lunatics and every class, only among eunuchs it does not exist.


 Said the wise: the Zinj are the worst of people, because they are overheated in the wombs. As well as that from this country the uterus did not cool down. Preferred are the people of Babylon because of their moderation. They said: The sun burns the hair of the Zinj crisp……

 They said: the Zinj are among the nations with fresh breath, because of moisture in the mouths and the many empty stomachs, as well as dogs and some other animals have fresh breaths because the large number of water in the mouth. The smell from the mouth of a fasting person is from the lack of saliva, as well as mouth odor of last night.


The composed animals:

……and the giraffe between the camel from Nubia and al-Habash and the wild cow and the hyena, and its name is " ashtarika wabulnak "; and the hyena in the land of Abyssinia impregnates the camel and is created something between the camel and the hyena, …... She was called a giraffe because she was a composition, and she was one, as if she were a camel, a cow, and a hyena. And the giraffe in the words of the Arabs: the composed.